Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Party!

Today we had our playgroup over for a Halloween party.  I had lots of fun making some festive food!  I couldn't wait to share it with all of you!  I only had a minute to snap some pictures before everyone dug in, if you want any further explanation of anything, feel free to ask!

Here's the table:

The decor was pretty simple, some pumpkin arrangements from the craft store that I had lying around, and a vase full of curly branches and sparkly sticks.  I made the banner using a pack of scrap Halloween paper.  I also used the scrap paper to make tags for the food which really brought it all together!

For the kids, I put out mummy hot dogs and fruit salad in oranges.

For the adults, I make chicken salad sand"witches" and deviled eggs.  I got the idea for the adorable sandwiches from Lisa Storm's blog {here}.

We also had some "witches' brew." It was punch made with equal parts lemon lime soda and orange juice and then top with scoops of orange sherbet.  As the sherbet melts it gets creamy and delicious!  I also froze some orange juice in little pumpkin molds and used them as ice cubes.  Very easy and delicious, always a hit at parties!

For dessert, we had chocolate covered oreo pumpkin pops.  I got the idea from The Idea Room.  I think I need a little more practice with them, but they came out cute and the kids loved them!

We had such a fun day!  I'm starting to get really excited for Halloween and then the holiday season to begin!!

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