Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice cream for breakfast!

Anyone know what happens when you accidentally leave an empty ice cream container on the counter overnight? Your 2 year old zeros in on it in the morning and inevitably yells, "Mommy! I want THAT for breakfast!!". Not the fight I have time for a half hour before school. So we made a compromise, I told her there wasn't anymore real ice cream (and showed her the empty container) but I would try to make her breakfast look like ice cream. Surprisingly, she didn't fight me, and agreed!

For the ice cream cone, I cut a piece of toast into an ice cream cone shape and spread cream cheese on the whole thing. Then I covered the "cone" part with crusts, trimmed to fit. And then added a skittle on top for a cherry and few sprinkles to decorate! I paired it with a cup of banana yogurt (the sprinkles were added when my back was turned, but they do pull it all together!).

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